The pop-up message that appears when the player reaches the limit of eight workers in total.

Workers are neighbors that every player can hire. The number of maximum workers working in the player's garage is defined by his or her current level. At level 26, the maximum number of workers that you can hire is reached, which is currently 8. 


Workers can be hired without cost, and can be done by selecting a friend on your Friends list. Unlike common games, hiring your friend as a worker will not send notifications to them, nor asking your friend to confirm requests unless you accept to post a notification in their wall. A person can be a worker for multiple Car Town players. You can customize your workers by clicking on them, but it is limited only to Hats, Tops, and Pants or Skirts.

Workers Amounts Level Requirements
2 Workers N/A
3 Workers N/A
4 Workers Level 7
5 Workers Level 11
6 Workers Level 16
7 Workers Level 21
8 Workers Level 26