• Tower Lift
  • Pole Lift
  • Tower Lift - Black and Pink
  • Tower Lift - Black and Yellow
  • Tower Lift - Hot Pink
  • Tower Lift - Race Navy Black
  • Tower Lift - Race Red
  • Tower Lift - Race White
  • Pole Lift - Black and Pink
  • Pole Lift - Black and Yellow
  • Pole Lift - Hot Pink
  • Pole Lift - Race Navy Black
  • Pole Lift - Race Red
  • Pole Lift - Race White

Work Bays are completely important in this game due to their role to earn mass of experiences and money as well as job mastery level in the whole game.  

Basic FeatureEdit

To get a work bay, you needs to go to 'Edit Garage' button on the bottom of the playscreen. There are totally 14 different style of work bays. All of the work bays are the same price, $800, just come in different appearance while the functional is the same to other. You can only have 8 workers in the whole games (You are able to hire workers one by one due to the your level until you unlock the last worker at level 26), and therefore you should get only 8 work bays.


In order to start a job, you need to select your work bays. Keep in mind that if you dont collect from the job within the amount of time it took to complete the job (example: If the job took 24 hours, after it is complete, you have another 24 hours to collect from it), it will expire and you will not collect any money. If you purchase either the 1982 DMC DeLorean Time Machine or 1982 DMC DeLorean Mr. Fusion Time Machine, you can, at the cost of extra blue points, go back in time and collect from expired jobs.

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