The GPS icon

The GPS icon is placed at left side angle of the sceen, it help player to travel to other place.

What's new!Edit


What's new! Page 1

Place included in page 1 of What's new! is:

  1. Junk Yard
  2. Top Gear
  3. Ghostbusters
  4. Car Town Game Show
  5. NHRA(R) Dragstrip


What's new! Page 2

Place included in page 2 of What's new! is:

  1. Doc Brown's Lab
  2. The Docks
  3. Indianpolis Motor Speedway(R)
  4. Daytona(R) International Speedway
  5. Pirelli World Challenge

Fast & Furious ExperienceEdit


Fast & Furious Experience

Place included in Fast & Furious Experience is:

  1. LA Street Race
  2. Tej's Garage
  3. Han's Garage
  4. Golf Driving Range
  5. Brazil
  6. Fast & Furious 6 Adventure
  7. Fast & Furious 6 Mni Game

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