Joblogo smogcheck
Job Duration: 4 hours
Job Gold Coins Cost: 75
Job Gold Coins Gain: 655
Job Gold Coins Profit: 580

Unlocked at Level: 15

Mastery Jobs Completed XP/job XP/h Reward
Wikia-mastery 0 78 19.5 -
Wikia-masteryWikia-mastery 45 90 22.5 Wikia-goldcoin 5,000
Wikia-masteryWikia-masteryWikia-mastery 95 98 24.5 Wikia-goldcoin 10,000
Wikia-masteryWikia-masteryWikia-masteryWikia-mastery 155 117 29.2 Wikia-goldcoin 15,000
Wikia-masteryWikia-masteryWikia-masteryWikia-masteryWikia-mastery 220 156 39.0 Wikia-goldcoin 20,000 Wikia-bluecoin 1

Job mastered

Job Mastery Sign

As of 9/10/10, Car Town players can level up their jobs through Job Mastery. Complete the required amount of jobs for each level and receive more XP for your completed jobs. To view your Job Mastery Level and level requirements, click on the stars above your jobs in your Service Menu. Remember that the other job will have different requirements for each level. The rewards listed above are one-time only. When you reach maximum mastery (5 stars), aside from the reward above, you will also receive a Smog Check Mastery Sign item, and it will be delivered to your Storage.

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