The Service Menu contains all possible jobs that can be done through your Work Bay without clicking on your random friend visitors' cars, it can be accessed by simply clicking on any unnocupied Work Bay. Considering you have a free Worker, you can start a job by clicking the red "Start" button from the Service Menu. You can cancel a running Job by clicking the red "Stop" button but you will lose the money used for the Job Cost. Observe carefully, as all jobs have Mastery indicated by the stars above their logo, and become fully mastered when they reach 5 stars. Improving Job Mastery won't give players increased payment, but will get more XP instead. Reaching each level of Mastery will give you one-time reward as described on each individual Services Pages. Try to compare the Services to find the one that will benefit you the most and suits you best.

Click on the Job picture to view the details .

Fuzzy Dice
2 minutes
Gold Coins 20
Car Wash
5 minutes
Gold Coins 40
Oil Change
30 minutes
Gold Coins 125
New Wheels
4 hours
Gold Coins 500
Paint Job
12 hours
Gold Coins 1,175

Window Tint
1 day
Gold Coins 2,000

Wash N' Wax
2 hours
Gold Coins 300

Engine Tune
2 days
Gold Coins 2,675

Nav System
1 hour
Gold Coins 200

Car Detail
8 hours
Gold Coins 850

1 day
Gold Coins 2,100

Wing Install
10 hours
Gold Coins 1,700

Spark Plugs
1 hour
Gold Coins 325
Bullet Proofing
12 hours
Gold Coins 1,425
Biofuel Upgrade
3 days
Gold Coins 3,900
Antenna Ball
30 minutes
Gold Coins 190
Smog Check
4 hours
Gold Coins 655
2 days
Gold Coins 4,000
1 hour
Gold Coins 1,011
DVD System
12 hours
Gold Coins 2,235
Nitrous Install
1 day
Gold Coins 4,175
Body Kit Install
3 days
Gold Coins 5,650
Monster Truck
8 hours
Gold Coins 1,525
Car Stereo
1 day
Gold Coins 4,575
Jet Engine
1 day
Gold Coins 5,650

Notice, some of the jobs are initially locked, you must reach certain Level to unlock them. Once a Job is finished, you must click on the Coin indicator on the Work Bay to obtain both of your payment and XP. Your customers will wait for you to collect the payment, their waiting time is equal to the Job Duration. However, if you don't gather your payment and XP until their waiting time expired, customers will leave, so not only you won't get any payments but also losing money because of the Job Cost.

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