RWB Pandora One 964
1990 RWB Pandora One 964


575,000 Wikia-goldcoin or 164 Wikia-bluecoin





XP gain:


Body kit:


Color choice:


Manufacturer restrictions:

Wheels, tires, suspensions mods aren't avaivable



Level unlock:


Resale value:

60,550 Wikia-goldcoin

The creation, called the RWB Porsche 911 Pandora One, is a testament to the highly influential skills of the two car builders. Before any modifications took place, RWB and Fatlace stripped down the car and all of its road equipment to give way for a new racing set-up, including a new full roll-cage. After that, two Recaro Pro-Racer SPG seats were installed and fitted along with Stack gauges. In addition, the 964’s exterior was treated to a full compliment of aerodynamic parts courtesy of Rauh-Welt Begriff, highlighted by the enormous wing on the rear of the sports race car. Other touches done on the 964 include a satin green paint finish by TNT, new KW V3 coilovers to replace the car’s standard springs and shocks, and a new set of 18" RWB wheels built by Rotiform wrapped in Falken tires on the front and Azenis tires on the back.

One unique feature of the Pandora One is a special remote-operated hydraulic lift system built by KW called the HLS System. The set-up allows the Porsche to create as much as 1.75" of additional ground clearance with just a push of a button.

Meanwhile, the car’s race-spec engine was handled by FFTEC Motorsports, which in turn took the turbo engine and tuned it to produce 6psi of boost and 398 horsepower. While that number is what’s underneath the hood of the 911 for now, the car is expected to back into FFTEC’s Mustang dyno, where the company is looking into pulling out 15psi of boost. Figure that out and you’ll probably get an output that’s near the 550-horsepower area.

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