General infoEdit

Car mysterybox
Mystery Boxes contains a random car with no level restrictions. All Mystery Boxes can be gotten via Leaderboards or bought with Blue Points.

Bronze Mystery BoxEdit

Bronze Mystery Boxes takes form of a box made of wood. Each Bronze Mystery Box is 5 Blue Points and take 1 Blue Point to respin. Bronze Boxes usually contain low-end cars, but is possible to get higher-end performance cars.

Silver Mystery BoxEdit

Silver Mystery Boxes takes form of a green cargo load. Each Silver Mystery Box is 10 Blue Points and takes 3 Blue Points to respin. Silver Boxes have better cars than the Bronze Mystery Boxes.

Gold Mystery BoxEdit

Gold Mystery Boxes takes form of a box made of gold. Each Gold Mystery Box is 25 Blue Points and takes 5 Blue Points to respin. Gold Boxes mostly contain high-end performance cars.


Lamborghini Mystery BoxEdit

Lamborghini Mystery Boxes takes form of a covered car with the Lamborghini logo on it. Each Lamborghini Mystery Box is 45 Blue Points and 12 Blue Points to respin. Lamborghini Boxes only contain Lamborghinis, and Car Town has added three new unreleased Lamborghinis into the Mystery Box including the Lamborghini Reventón Roadster and the Lamborghini Urus.

Ferrari Mystery BoxEdit

Ferrari Mystery Box only contain Ferraris and costs 100 Blue Points and 20 Blue Points to respin.

Concept Mystery BoxEdit

The Concept Mystery Box released on October 14, 2012, to November 27th, 2012 where it got replaced by the Diamond Mystery Box. The Concept Mystery Box takes form of a glass box with a transparent glowing car in it. Each Concept Mystery Box costs 15 Blue Points and takes 4 Blue Points to respin. The Concept Box only contains concept models like the 2012 Acura NSX Concept.

High Octane Mystery BoxEdit

Convertible Mystery BoxEdit

American Muscle Car Mystery BoxEdit

Adventure Mystery BoxEdit

Diamond Mystery BoxEdit

Diamond mystery box can be gotten via Weekly Leaderboards.

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