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  • Can I get admin rights? JDB3326 does not reply me

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Are you still working on this Wikia? What can I do?

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  • Due to Car Town's shutting down, our site traffic has considerately been decreased. With this in consideration, Something needs to be done about this wiki. I do believe that there will be a Car Town successor, and I don't think this wiki should be deleted. I think that, should a successor come up, it will most likely have a different name, and we should have a new wiki for it. For now, I think we should lock ALL pages to be edited by ADMIN ONLY to prevent vandalism, and unless we reuse this wiki, I think we should Archive it so that no more edits can be made by anyone other than us and the wiki cannot be given to someone else, as I would like to keep the wiki in my possession or give it to you for you to take care of. I don't think our job is done here at this wiki, but we are at the end of the road here. But, for example, Disney's Toontown Online was shut down, but Toontown Rewritten, a community server for Toontown, was created, and although a wiki for it waqs created, the Toontown Online wiki still remains, and it is still helpful. Don't know if that was a good example, but anyway, get back to me. Thanks, JDB3326, Head Administrator, Car Town Wiki (talk) 17:32, September 1, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Hi Pang. Thanks for dealing with those uncategorized pages.

    You wanted help with a redesign of the main page, yes? Please share with me any ideas and details you have for a new layout. Also, if you've seen a main page design somewhere else that you like, feel free to link me to it, and I'll help make a similar design here.

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  • I would like to make you a bureaucrat on this wiki. However, unlike adminship, this is permanent and cannot be undone. I think, though, that we should make set-in-stone guidelines on becoming a bureaucrat. Becuase it cannot be undone, here are what I think the guidelines should be for bureaucracy and adminship:

    To become an admin, you must either:

    a. Have the approval of me (JDB3326), or PangSC127.


    b. Have completed the following guidelines:

    i. Have been a user for at least 45 days.

    ii. Make at least 100 useful edits. (50 required, but 100 recommended)

    iii. Create at least 3 good pages. DO NOT make useless pages. Please make pages that help the wiki. 

    iv. Earn at least 50 Achievement Points. Joining automatically earns you 10 points. 

    v. Not abuse any of the wiki rules, including having multiple accounts or making an account if you have been banned. 

    vi. If you have ever been an admin and lost your admin priviliges, wait 6 months before applying for adminship. 

    To become a Bureaucrat:

    i. Never have been banned, suspended, or lost admin priviliges,

    ii. Been an admin for at least 6 months. 

    iii. Made at least 250 edits. 

    iv. Earn at least 250 Achievement Points. 

    v. Have the recommendation from at least 2 Admins and 1 Bureaucrat(if there are not 2 active admins, 1 is ok if the remaining admin is a bureaucrat.

    Pang, if you complete requirements iii and iv, then since you joined exactly 3 months ago today, I will reduce the remaining 3 months to 1 month. 

    Thanks, JDB3326 (talk) 23:51, April 29, 2014 (UTC)

    P.S. To add a signature, don't do this: By JDB3326 on 4/29/14. Type four of these things--->  ~ . That will make your signature look like mine.

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