Gold Coin

Gold Coins, sometimes called Coins, are the most common form of in-game currency in Car Town. Most items can be purchased using Gold Coins, however, some can only be purchased using Blue Points, which is the premium currency in the game. Cars that can be purchased with Gold Coins can also be purchased with Blue Points, however, these cars can only be purchased with Gold Coins if you have reached the required level. Most other items except cars can only be purchased with either Gold Coins or Blue Points, most of which are purchased with Gold Coins. 

Earning Gold CoinsEdit

Unlike Blue Points, Gold Coins can be earned by doing jobs, winning races, selling cars(you get less coins than you purchased it for), or completing challenges and adventures. 

Purchasing Gold CoinsEdit

Like Blue Points, Gold Coins can also be purchased with real money or with Facebook credits. However, unlike Blue Points , Gold Coins cannot be earned by watching videos, and Blue Points cannot be converted into Gold Coins, unlike some games. Also, on occasion, an additional gift such as a car, decoration, or functional item may be given away for free with the purchase of a specific amount of Gold Coins or Blue Points

Gold Coins can be purchased at the following rates:

Cost in USD($) # of Gold Coins
$5 60,000
$10 120,000
$20 252,000
$40 528,000
$50 690,000
$100 1,440,000

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