Ferrari 412P
1967 Ferrari 412P


384 Wikia-bluecoin




XP gain:


Color choice:


Manufacture restriction:

Yes: Wheel, Ride Height and Tires are not adjustable

Body kit:




Level unlock:


Resell value:

Estimate 370,000 Wikia-goldcoin

The Ferrari 412P is one of the many Ferraris in Car Town, and one of the most powerful. The stock 412P has 962 performance, upgradable to 1282 performance for 1,050,004 coins, and to 1362 performance for another 584 Blue Points ($58.40 USD). The 412P can be obtained via the Classiche Restorations in the Ferrari Experience. Everything on this car is modifiable except for body upgrades because there aren't any.

Performance CostsEdit

-The first set of performance upgrades cost 17,500 coins each and 70,000 for the whole first set.

-The second set of performance upgrades cost 35,000 coins each and 140,000 for the whole second set.

-The third set of performance upgrades cost 87,500 coins each and 350,000 for the whole third set.

-The fourth set of performance upgrades cost 122,501 coins each and 490,004 for the whole fourth set.

-The fifth and final set is Blue Coins or FB Credits only and costs 146 BC/FBC each and 584 BC/FBC for the whole fifth set.

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